La Cuisine de Janisa

Janisa is a Chef, Artist and Mom

I would like to tell about a passion and inspiration in my life, cooking. Cooking with love and the love for a variety of international foods has been a part of me since I was a little girl. In fact, ever since I was that young age, growing up with my parents, I used to love going to luxury restaurants for dinner. It was so funny that every time my mother told us that we were dining out, I was the first one from the family ready and dress waiting in the car. What was exciting for me about dinning out was, getting appropriately dressed for the occasion, being served, eating ethics, a variety of exotic and gourmet international foods, and meeting interesting people. It all used to make feel like I was a little princess. Therefore, the experiences that I acquired growing up, the kind of service that I love and all the aspects of a good dining experience matured over the years, resulting in me becoming the designated "cook" for my family events, which due to my culture and heritage were plenty. Everything combined to help me understand my customers better, build my catering business "La Cuisine de Janisa" and make me strive for a memorable and unique kind of service. Every menu, every creation, every dish is a challenge that I proudly take, I work on it beyond my means to provide and to please every customer of mine with an ultimate service and affordable prices.

Janisa went to school in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and then went to study at Paul Bocuose institut d'hôtellerie et des arts culinaire in Lyon, France and after, moved to Barcelona, Spain and went to Germaine de Cappucini, and studied Esthetics, then return to her hometown Venezuela and studied languages and international affair in university of the Andes, Merida Venezuela.

Janisa has dedicated her life to cater, create and design delicious dishes for celebrities and elite in New York City. Kalikow residence from HJ Kalikow Inc. Rubin residence from Rubin Museum of arts, celebrity Maria Carey and Pralle residence, CEO of G.E finances.